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The Kansas City Chiefs Return To Joplin One Year Later

Members of the Kansas City Chiefs squad including Dustin Colquitt, Rodney Hudson, Brady Quinn, and Luke Patterson joined rookies Dontari Poe, Alex Tanney, Jeff Allen, and Donald Stephenson and Joplin contractors helped out with Habitat for Humanity to frame new houses on a group of four blocks that were completely leveled last year.

The Chiefs have decided to make an annual commitment to the city of Joplin, and the progress that's occurred in one year made the city "unrecognizable" by members of the organization.

Chiefs owner Clark Hunt was one of many members in attendance, working on homes and being amazed at the progress the city has made in a year's time.

"It is tremendous what has happened, it's a testament to the citizens of this community and so many people who have volunteered their time and efforts to help rebuild. It's really come a long way fast, but clearly, there is still work to be done." - Chiefs owner Clark Hunt

Chiefs backup quarterback Brady Quinn spoke about watching from afar last year, as he was a member of the Denver Broncos. This year, he's on the frontlines.

"I remember when I heard about Joplin last year, there wasn't a whole lot we could do based on the schedule that we had. I had an opportunity to come here this year and that was something I wanted to do. I wanted a chance to give back and help these people in need." - Chiefs QB Brady Quinn

Over the past year since the F-5 tornado hit Joplin, the residents of southwest Missouri are finally turning things around. Joplin isn't where it once was, but with the debris cleared there is now an opportunity for new construction and stabilizing the economy in the area. The Chiefs have said that they are committed to bringing "normalcy" back to the area, and the fans will look forward to the players coming back year after year.

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