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Kansas State Blocks Transfer Of Football Lineman

Bill Snyder does not want Manase Foketi to leave. Perhaps it’s not Snyder specifically not allowing the left tackle to transfer from Kansas State, but it’s clear that his head coach would have some sway in allowing the lineman to leave and play his one remaining season of eligibility elsewhere. Instead, he’s being forced to lose that season.

Foketi has already graduated and sat out last season due to injury after starting every game at the main left tackle spot in 2011. It’s easy to understand why the Wildcats would hope that Foketi would come back and protect Collin Klein with such ability and experience. But Foketi says he’s already graduated and just wants to move on.

“I want to move on and close this chapter in my life, but they aren’t letting me. They are blocking me and have denied my transfer request,” Foketi said. “I have no hard feelings toward them, but it’s just the way it is. If someone isn’t comfortable somewhere they should have the right to leave. I don’t know how they are able to hold me.”

Expect this to drag out like other similar cases (read: Brock Berglund).