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Former Big 12 Commish Dan Beebe Forms Sports-Focused Risk Management Consulting Firm

Since being ousted from his post as commissioner in the Big 12 in 2011, Dan Beebe has largely been out of the public eye. Chuck Neinas came in as the interim commish and helped stabilize a conference that needed help, and now Bob Bowlsby replaces Beebe as the new permanent commissioner for the next stage of life for the Big 12. But Beebe has now resurfaced with some colleagues in the college athletics industry once again.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Beebe is now teaming with friends to specialize as a consulting firm to help universities and sports franchises through troublesome situations. Certainly the recent landscape within college athletics displays that these issues aren't likely to end anytime soon.

"BMT Risk Management-named for Beebe, lawyer Mike McCall and consultant Mark Thompson-will assess risk, train employees in handling it and facilitate reporting of wrongdoing," writes Rachel Bachman. "Beebe and McCall were in New York last week talking to the Jets and Yankees about providing services, and they have contacted 17 universities. BMT already is working with the Houston Texans."