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Chiefs Linebacker Caleb Campbell To Speak At Missouri Church

Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Caleb Campbell has a great story. The team is also hoping he has great talent ready to make the NFL roster. While the talent part must rest for now due to the inactivity of the team over the next six weeks, the other part will be on full display when he takes the microphone at Silver Moon Full Gospel Church near Diamond, Missouri.

"We wanted to hear his testimony and I think that it will be good for our kids to hear him," Silver Moon Full Gospel Church pastor Philip Barber said. "And to encourage our young people and anybody to purse their dreams and goals. He is going to talk about how the Lord has helped him try to follow his dreams of playing ball. He went to West Point, he played with the Army, and when he served his time, and was trying for a pro career, the Army called him back into the service. So that delayed his career and set back his dreams. So he has got the opportunity to play ball for the Chiefs and he is going to talk about what his goals and dreams are."

You can find final details of the Sunday evening service times here.