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Royals Are Best Team In The AL Central Division Since April 24

Remember the Royals’ stunning 0-10 mark at home to start the 2012 MLB season, and their 3-14 record just three weeks into the season? Who could forget, right?

That horrid start is going to be an albatross they carry around their neck the entire season and a hole they may not be able to climb out of to rise much more in the standings than the team is right now.

But just for fun – and to make us feel a whole lot better about the team – what if we were to throw out the first 17 games of the season, when the Royals were 3-14, and start the season over on April 25.

Since April 25, the Royals are 28-25 (and just think how much better they would be if they wouldn’t have been swept over the weekend by their cross-state NL rivals, the Cardinals). Long story short: Kansas City would be leading the AL Central by a game over the Chicago White Sox.

Cleveland’s record since the 24th of April has been 28-28, Detroit is 25-30 during that time frame and Minnesota is 24-29.