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Oklahoma City Thunder's Sam Presti Calls Scott Brooks 'Integral To Organization'

As far as those within the organization of the Oklahoma City Thunder are concerned, they’ve always had their man. Neither the front office nor Scott Brooks, the coach himself, have wavered with any sort of panic or wonder about how the team would approach the last year of Brooks’ contract with the team. Now it seems it’s only a matter of time before Brooks is re-signed.

"As we’ve said before, Scotty is an integral part of our organization and critical to our success," Presti said. "And we value him greatly. We’re looking forward to having those conversations, as he said, in the coming days. But he’s been integral to our success. We wouldn’t be in the situation that we’re in without him and his commitment to the organization and to our players."

In the past week or more, rumors have swirled about Phil Jackson or Jeff Van Gundy possibly taking over the loaded roster of the Thunder, but Presti denied any such rumor as "rubbish."

Expect a move to come soon even with the NBA Draft on the way this Thursday given the way Presti talked about the importance of rehiring Brooks.

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