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Missouri Football Announces Stadium Expansion And Renovation Project

Missouri is looking to expand its luxury and bleacher seating areas, as well as spruce up its press box as it moves to the SEC.

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The University of Missouri has made several cosmetic changes to Memorial Stadium in order to look the part of a SEC program, but now they're looking to break new ground.

The University submitted a $72 million request to the UM Board of Curators for athletic facilities upgrades, the majority of which ($46.5 million according to one report) will go towards the addition of 5,200 bleacher seats and 900 "premium seats" (luxury box style seating). Also among the plans are renovations to the stadium's press box and the expansion of the north concourse.

Missouri enters the 14-team Southeastern Conference with a capacity of 68,349, ahead of only four schools - Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Kentucky and Vanderbilt. The additions would rival Arkansas (72,000 listed capacity) but trail the conference's big boys, as four schools are above 80,000 in capacity, two are above 90,000 and both Alabama and Tennessee are capable of seating over 100,000.

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