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2012 NBA Draft Reaction: SB Nation Grades Oklahoma City Thunder

It's safe to say the Thunder came away with a steal in grabbing former Baylor star Perry Jones III with the No. 28 overall pick in Thursday night's NBA Draft.

Last season, Perry could've easily been a lottery pick, but since he decided to stay in college another season and in this case, expose himself a bit, he dropped quite a bit in the first round this year.

OKC won't complain about it because they'll get a quality prospect for a bargain. SB Nation NBA editor Tom Ziller makes a really good point here about the ridiculousness of Fran Fraschilla comparing Jones to Serge Ibaka, though.

Jones dropping in the draft and losing money was worth noting. So was the fact that the Thunder could use another tall person on their roster if they don't keep Ibaka. But the comparison... Uncalled for at best.

This, from Ziller, who gave the Thunder draft night an "A":

Seriously though, how can you argue with this? If we forget Baylor's 2011-12 season ever happened, it's like OKC got another top-5 pick. Fran Fraschilla's on-air decision to compare Jones to Serge Ibaka was a bit eyebrow-raising, but this is still too good a pick to question.

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