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MLB Draft 2012: Interest For Royals Fans Is Waning, And That's A Good Thing

This Royals season has sucked hard for many fans. The Royals have had bad starts to seasons before. That part is nothing new. But this season is different because for the first time in a long time there were genuine expectations that this one was going to be the season when fans finally saw results at the big league level. It has not happened and Royals fans have not taken it well, for the most part. There is one good thing to come out of this season for this fan base. For the first time in the last six years, the MLB Draft and where and who the Royals pick has been a non-topic until this past week.

I have worked in and around Kansas City sports radio for the past six years and every year the MLB Draft is a known event. Most hardcore Royals fans have always known the exact date of said draft and could break down all the top prospects that could be selected by the Royals. Royals' fans began asking questions and making phone calls into the radio shows about the draft once the calendar hit mid-May. I am not saying that now, all of a sudden, Royals fans are less informed and do not care about the draft. Royals' fans will always care about the draft to some extent. But this year it is not the end all, be all event that is has been in the past. And I cannot tell you how glorious this new development is for all parties involved.

Look, the Royals have a long way to go with the on-field major league product before the draft becomes the non-event that it is for the Cardinals and Yankees fans. But baby steps right? Yes! Baby steps. I was shocked at how quickly the draft was able creep up on me. That was all due to the fact that one of the most passionate fan bases in the MLB made it a secondary story. The list of craptastic things that Royals fans have had to endure this season are as longer than Fiona Apple's new album title. Thankfully for Royals fans all of these constant kicks to the groin have been at the major league level and given Royals fans a chance to care about the major league product. And for at least one season they are fine with relinquishing the title of collective MLB Draft Guru.

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