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2012 MLB Draft: Kansas City Royals Select Illinois HS Catcher Chad Johnson In Round 5

We have the first true reach, as the Royals selected Galesburg, Illinois higher school catcher Chad Johnson with the 163rd overall selection in the 2012 MLB Draft.

The Illinois State commit was ranked the 457th best overall prospect by Baseball America and figures to be someone Kansas City can get into the fold rather quickly. Being that he will likely sign under slot, it means Kansas City has the potential to spend more money in the next few rounds on someone who might require a higher than slot amount to sign.

Standing 6'1" and weighing 180 lbs, Johnson is a left-handed hitter that will continue to build strength as he continues to grow. Though he doesn't have the strength yet, he does have a quick release behind the plate.

Look for Kansas City to likely draft a player who may have fell because of signability issues later in the next few rounds.