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2012 MLB Draft: Kansas City Royals Select Missouri JuCo Player Fred Ford In Round 7

We have a curveball.

Kansas City went off the radar to select Jefferson College outfielder Fred Ford with their seventh round selection in the 2012 MLB Draft.

Ford, 6'5" 210 lbs, played first base at Jefferson, but was announced as an outfielder by the Royals. The Fort Zumwalt South (MO) prep was not listed among the top 500 prospects by Baseball America.

In 56 games this season, Ford hit .432 with 13 home runs and 68 RBI. He also hit 17 doubles and stole 32 bases in 35 attempts.

This looks to be another under slot pick for the Royals, and makes us wonder if the Royals know they have spent their draft slot money for the first 10 rounds early in the draft this year.

Needless to say the days of the Royals just tossing around money in the draft appears to be over, thanks to the new rules set forth by major league baseball.

It will be interesting to see how the rest of the day plays out. More of the same like the last few picks, or back to more high ceiling guys?