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Early NCAA '13 Ratings Put Kansas State Over Missouri, Kansas

If a score of preseason publications hitting the shelves currently can't satisfy your need to scrutinize the college football field for 2012, there's always EA Sports, whose annual rating system of teams for their NCAA Football franchise causes plenty of debate. SB Nation's college football page has found some unofficial advance numbers for NCAA 13, and, all things considered, Kansas City area teams were given a fair shake:

(The numbers, in order, represent the overall rating, then offense, defense and "prestige," which affects your ability to recruit):

Missouri 89 89 84 4

Kansas 79 80 76 2

Kansas St. 91 92 86 3

For arguably a rock-bottom campaign last season, Kansas' 79 overall rating is about right, while Bill Snyder's return to glory in Manhattan has the Wildcats among the highest rated teams in the Big 12 Conference. Meanwhile, SEC newcomer is rated lower than the SEC heavyweights as expected, and fall almost directly in the middle of the conference's 14 teams.

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