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MLB Draft 2012: Kyle Zimmer Reportedly Close To Signing With Kansas City Royals

The Kansas City Royals might not wait that long to ink their first round choice of the 2012 MLB Draft in Kyle Zimmer. Word is coming out from the Royals front office that it should be any time now compared to last year when Bubba Starling’s negotiations went down to the wire.

Zimmer still has to get healthy after experiencing some woes near the end of his season at the University of San Francisco. The Dons ace was one of the best pitchers in college baseball in 2011, but a hamstring injury and less impressive performances down the stretch raised some concerns. Still the Royals love the overall product and took Zimmer at No. 5.

The Royals J.J. Picollo said the difference between signing now or a month from now will make a major difference in his development within the organization and could even help him advance a level next season.

If you waited until August 13 or 15 last year, you probably weren’t going to play those last two weeks (of the minor-league season), more than likely," Picollo said. "Now, you see an opportunity to get a short season in. For a college player, it might be the difference in starting in the Midwest League next year versus the Carolina League."

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