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2012 MLB Draft: Kansas City Royals Sign 3rd Round Pick Colin Rodgers

The Kansas City Royals are apparently wasting no time when it comes to signing the latest draft class, and the team is likely anxious to get the players into their respective camps and minor league placements to see what they have in their total investment from the 2012 MLB Draft. Colin Rodgers is the latest to reportedly sign, according to Baseball America's Jim Callis.

The Royals invested heavily in starting pitching with the first few picks of the draft, and it's clear that the team needs significant help at the Major League level in the starting rotation. Rodgers will take some time to advance, but he's another solid arm to add to the number of possibilities.

Rodgers joins Sam Selman and Kyle Zimmer as the pitchers to watch from this draft class. You can check Matt Hays' profile of him here.

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