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Maria Sharapova Wins 2012 French Open, Completes Career Grand Slam

Maria Sharapova completed the career Grand Slam on Saturday, winning the French Open in straight sets.

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It took four years between Grand Slam titles, but Maria Sharapova is back on top -- and now in the history books, too.

Sharapova defeated Sara Errani in straight sets on Saturday, winning with ease 6-3, 6-2, en route to winning the 2012 French Open title. The French Open title is Sharapova's first Grand Slam title since she won the 2008 Australian Open.

The win is historical for Sharapova as well, as she has now completed the career Grand Slam with the victory. Sharapova's first Grand Slam title came as a 17 year old, when she won Wimbledon in 2004. Sharapova then won the US Open in 2006, before winning the Australian Open in 2008.

Now after four long years, Sharapova has completed the career Grand Slam.

In addition to completing the career Grand Slam, Sharapova has regained the WTA's No. 1 world ranking. She'll likely be favored to win both Wimbledon and the US Open later this year.