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NFL Players Association To Offer Apparel For Every Player In League

Word is out that the NFL Players Association has worked up an online store of their own that will allow fans to get access to apparel featuring any player in the entire NFL. Yep, any player. That means that diehard fans who want to seriously root for that back-up offensive lineman or the practice squad player will able to do just that.

CBS Sports’ Will Brinson writes, “The online store (to be located at will provide three distinct benefits to individual NFL players: every single player (not just the most marketable ones) will have ready-to-sell items in the store, NFL players will receive up to 70 percent of the net proceeds for products sold, and players will be able to sell autographed memorabilia via consignment and auction, with the proceeds going directly to players or player-designated charities.”

Have you been picturing yourself in that Junior Hemingway t-shirt or that Kyle McCarthy jersey? Me too. Seriously.