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Adam Schefter, John Clayton, Mel Kiper Jr. Re-Signed For Multiple Years At ESPN

ESPN is known as the Worldwide Leader in Sports, for better or worse, and while the network has its detractors, a part of their success is built on having key figures in place in key places. To that end, ESPN has decided to keep some familiar faces around for a lot longer as they announced today new multi-year contracts for Adam Schefter, John Clayton, Mel Kiper, Jr. and Ed Werder.

"Adam, John, Mel and Ed are at the forefront of how we cover the NFL every day of the year across multiple networks and platforms," said Mark Gross, ESPN senior vice president and executive producer, production. "Their knowledge and expertise is a big reason why fans turn to ESPN, and these new deals ensure that fans can look forward to seeing and hearing much more from them in the years ahead."

Schefter is the baby of the group, having just joined the network in 2009. The rest have been around since 1998 or before. For Kiper, he’s been with the network since 1984.