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Tyshawn Taylor Is Excited To Be Heading Home To Nets

When former Jayhawks standout Tyshawn Taylor found out he was headed to the Brooklyn Nets, he was overwhelmed to realize a homecoming was near.The Portland Trailblazers had actually drafted Taylor with the 41st overall pick last Thursday, but they soon traded him to the Nets for cash.

Taylor is from Hoboken, N.J., and played his high school basketball at St. Anthony in Jersey City. He said didn't attend the Draft in Newwark because he didn't want cameras in his face he dropped too low in the draft and preferred to be with family.

Taylor thought he was headed to Portland. This is what he told the ESPN Nets blog:

"After I got squeezed by my mom for 10 minutes, I turned around and I saw that I was going to Brooklyn, and I literally jumped from where I was sitting and then ran out of the building screaming because I was a little more excited about that."

If Deron Williams signs with the Nets this free agent season and Taylor signs with the team, he'll have an opportunity to work behind and observe one of the best guards in the NBA.

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