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Chop Talk Breaks Down Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp And More

Chop Talk is a weekly radio show that breaks down anything and everything about the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Chop Talk is a Kansas City Chiefs podcast that is recorded live every Sunday night from 7-8:30pm CT.

BJ Kissel, Matt Conner and Craig Brenner host the show and they are joined each week by guests like Kent Babb and Sam Mellinger of the Kansas City Star, former All-Pro defensive tackle for the Chiefs, Bill Maas, lead NFL writer for Bleacher Report, Matt Miller, and Nathan Jahnke of Pro Football Focus. Even the famous Joel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride graces us with his presence from time to time.

On last weeks' show Cordell, or @TheFilmRoom joined the show to talk training camp battles, among other things. There were some great points made on the show regarding the Kansas City Chiefs' upcoming training camp and how the team looks heading into the 2012 season.

You can listen to last weeks' show by clicking right here. You can also visit the shows website ( to find out information on the next shows' lineup, and more Chiefs information.

Among the things that were discussed on last Sundays' show were the Matt Cassel boo birds from the All-Star celebrity softball game, top training camp battles, Donald Washington's future and Matt Conner's bold prediction on the keys to a successful 2012 Chiefs season.

They'll be joined this Sunday, July 29th by 810 WHB Sports Radio in Kansas City's TJ Carpenter, who hosts a show on 810 weekdays from 7-10pm CT. Also joining the show will be Chiefs insider from, Josh Looney.

They'll talk about the Dwayne Bowe and Dontari Poe situations, and also what Chiefs fans should be looking forward to coming out of training camp. We'll find out how Matt Cassel has looked so far in camp, how Brian Daboll's offense could look different from what we've seen from the Chiefs recently, and what kind of an impact we should expect to see from key second-year players like Rodney Hudson, Jon Baldwin and Justin Houston.

Let us know what else you'd like to know about how things are going out at camp.