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Jeremy Guthrie Fitting In With Kansas City Royals Despite Short Tenure

The Kansas City Royals are not likely to see any long-term return on their trade of Melky Cabrera, at least from the main prize. While Ryan Verdugo remains and holds a promising future as a recently transitioned starter in AAA, the Royals traded Jonathan Sanchez recently to the Colorado Rockies after the pitcher did not work out in his short time in KC. They traded him for Jeremy Guthrie, who is a free agent after the season and is not likely to stick around.

However that hasn't kept Guthrie from making friends or noticing the potential on the current Royals roster. He recently spoke with's Dick Kaegel to discuss his transition.

"Baseball's a small fraternity where, if you switch teams, you're always going to know a few guys that you played against along the way," Guthrie said. "Players seem to mold into the new team pretty easily."

In terms of his take on the state of the team, it's clear the bulk of the talent lies in the line-up and Guthrie focuses on that first.

"You watch the lineup, one through nine, and it just continues to improve and it's loaded with talent," Guthrie said. "And some of the young arms we're seeing out there have the potential to be really good for a long time."

Guthrie starts tonight for the Royals against the Seattle Mariners.

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