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Royals Vs. Mariners: Saturday Lineups Announced

The lineups have been announced for the third game of this four-game series between the Royals and Mariners. You can take a look at the lineups here:


1. Alex Gordon (L) LF
2. Alcides Escobar (R) SS
3. Mike Moustakas (L) 3B
4. Billy Butler (R) DH
5. Yuniesky Betancourt (R) 2B
6. Brayan Pena (S) C
7. Jeff Francoeur (R) RF
8. Eric Hosmer (L) 1B
9. Jarrod Dyson (L) CF


1. Dustin Ackley (L) 2B
2. Casper Wells (R) RF
3. Michael Saunders (L) CF
4. Jesus Montero (R) DH
5. Kyle Seager (L) 3B
6. Miguel Olivo (R) C
7. Mike Carp (L) 1B
8. Trayvon Robinson (S) LF
9. Brendan Ryan (R) SS

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