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Albert Lewis Earns Induction Into Grambling Legends Sports Hall Of Fame

Former Kansas City Chiefs defensive back Albert Lewis is receiving an honor at his alma mater this month when he’s announced as the newest member of the Grambling Legends Sports Hall of Fame.

"As a high school player, I was average," said Lewis. "I made a big play here or there, but I didn’t get a lot of interceptions. The one thing I did in high school was show a lot of physical ability. I didn’t understand the game because I started so late."

"Albert was one of the greatest corners who ever played," said fellow Grambling Legends Sports Hall of Fame inductee Willie Brown, a former player and current coach at Oakland. "He had the size and the speed and the arm length, and also the quickness to do all the things that you would like to see a corner do."

Lewis is among 11 candidates making the Hall of Fame, although he is the highest profile athlete being enshrined. He’s a four-time Pro Bowler with 42 career interceptions. Lewis played for the Chiefs from ’83 to ’93 after being drafted in the third round in the ’83 NFL Draft. He also played with the Oakland Raiders from ’94-98.