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Olympics Medal Count: China, United States Tied Overall In London Games

The 2012 Summer Olympics in London continue with day four today, currently underway, but here's an early morning look Stateside at the medal count going into today. The United States continues to keep pace with China with each passing day, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out as the games go on.

The Chinese national teams are enjoying tremendous success at the top with an incredible nine gold medals -- far and away the best of anyone at these games. Not listed in the top five is Great Britain who has three medals, one silver and two bronze.

Here is a look at the top five in the medal count right here:

China: 17 (9 gold, 5 silver, 3 bronze)
United States: 17 (5, 7, 5)
Japan: 11 (1, 4, 6)
Italy: 8 (2, 4, 2)
France: 7 (3, 1, 3)

For a complete rundown of the overall medal count, check out the official listings here.

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