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Oakland Raiders Donate $54K To Area Schools From Season Ticket Sales

Where credit is due, we must make a mention, no matter what team it is that we’re talking about. So while we typically mention the Oakland Raiders with a certain level of tension around these parts, a recent move by the franchise is classy and warrants a mention.

The Raiders recently made the announcement that between May 1 and June 30, 2012, 10 percent of season ticket sales were going to be donated back into the Oakland Public Schools. That’s a great move and the end result was finally announced recently to the tune of $54K.

Levi Damien over at Silver and Black Pride notes, "To add to this great deal, it didn’t cost those purchasing season tickets any additional money. The donation came from the Raiders only. And this was not a situation where only a portion of the profits after all parties were paid was donated. No, this is 10% of the total ticket price. Which means Raider fans stepped up and purchased $540,000 worth of season tickets for next season by the deadline."

That’s a great move by any organization and the Raiders certainly did right by all parties involved here. It’s an easy way for a team to support education and the Raiders have set an incredible precedent here.