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Zack Greinke Trade Rumors: Brewers Starter Could Come Back To Missouri... With St. Louis Cardinals

Most Kansas City Royals fans would gladly welcome Zack Greinke back into the fold. The former Royals star is now on the trading block for the Milwaukee Brewers and the Royals could certainly use a frontline starter for the stretch run and beyond. While a move back to KC is unlikely to happen, Greinke could, in fact, be on his way back to Missouri — with the St. Louis Cardinals.

The Cards have been hurt in the rotation despite the talented roster overall and injuries have set the team back considerably in 2012. Chris Carpenter just went down for the season and the team could really use a pitcher of that ilk if they want to make a major postseason impact. Enter Greinke who just might be the flavor of choice for the Cardinals according to Ken Rosenthal.

Rosenthal writes, “Greinke, who began his career in Kansas City, would be particularly intriguing — he likely would welcome a trade to St. Louis and a chance to sign with the Cardinals long term. It is not known whether the Brewers would be willing to trade Greinke within the division, but they should be if the deal would work to their benefit.”

Greinke is currently 9-2 with a 3.08 ERA.