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NFL Announces That Fans In Stadium Will See Same Instant Replay As Officials

The days of NFL fans yelling "What is he seeing?" at the referee or official could be gone with the NFL's latest announcement. Instead of a referee being free to duck his head inside of a covered camera box and make a call that could be a mystery to everyone else, the stadium camera will now show exactly what the official is seeing.

"They'll see the exact same angles at the exact same time as he does," Falcons president and NFL competition committee chairman Rich McKay told Pat Yasinskas of "I think this is another example of the league listening to its fans about what they want from the in-game experience. I think throughout this edition of replay, the league, the teams and our broadcast partners have done a nice job of using the available technology to make the game better and make the experience better for the fans."

The league is making steps to make the live experience the best it can be in the wake of high definition television options that keep fans at home. This is a small, smart step for the NFL.