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2012 Greenbrier Classic: Tiger Woods And Phil Mickelson Out, Tom Watson In As Third Round Gets Underway

The 2012 Greenbrier Classic sure lost a lot of star power heading into the weekend's third and final rounds, but that doesn't mean there's not reason to watch. It just means that some of the more recognizable faces won't be around after both Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson missed the cut after the second round.

Tiger specifically was the closest of the two at Old White TPC, but too many bogeys on the back nine to make it into today's action.

"I didn't quite have it," said Woods. "I drove it really good today and I just did not have the right feel for the distances. The ball was just going forever. I know we're at altitude but I just couldn't get the ball pin high no matter what I did, and subsequently I made some bogeys."

Tom Watson is not only the Pro Emeritus for the weekend, but he's also a player and the Kansas City native made the cut. He's the only golfer with his position at the West Virginia resort, along with Sam Snead. Watson finished at two-under heading into Saturday's third round.

Troy Kelly currently leads the pack with ten-under.