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Wimbledon Rain Delay: Weather Halts Roger Federer-Andy Murray Men's Final

As if the tension wasn’t already at a fevered pitch in the 2012 Wimbledon men’s singles final match between Andy Murray and Roger Federer. Now fans will have to wait even longer to find out the winner given the inclement weather that has affected play at All England.

Murray is trying to make good on being the first Brit in the men’s final since 1938. Federer is, well, just being Federer, arguably the best men’s tennis player of all time. For now, both will have to wait on rains that halted the match.

SB Nation’s Nick Fasuro writes, “Through one game in the third set, rain has temporarily delayed the match, with Federer leading Murray 1-0. The players have currently left the court and returned to the locker room while maintenance crews cover Center Court with a tarp. Officials expect a 15 minute delay and, because of that projected time period, will likely not close the roof as that would take much longer.”

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