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Joe Dumars Impressed With Early Returns From Kim English

Even a quick read through the quotes from Kim English before and after the recent 2012 NBA Draft shows just how impressive he is as a person compared to the rest of his draft mates. Often times the Missouri deep threat for Frank Haith last year seems a man among boys in his ability to combine a mature approach, proper perspective and incredible work ethic to his on-court talents. Joe Dumars of the Detroit Pistons, English’s new team, seems thoroughly impressed.

"Trust me," Joe Dumars told reporters after the draft. "He’ll be the most impressive young guy you guys have dealt with in a long time."

As for the jump to the pro level, English’s great accuracy from downtown will help at the next level for sure, but the rest of it was daunting at first to the shooting guard.

"Just learning everything," he said. "All the schemes, the reads, and in that process it didn’t feel like basketball for me, it was so new. All that thinking with the speed and strength of everyone, then around the third or fourth practice, it kind of felt like basketball again. I kind of knew where to be defensively and it felt like basketball again.

"The defenses are complex, but I’m catching on to the schemes pretty quick. It’s just the calls, all of the names, so many names you’ve got to remember. But I’ve got good leaders on this team. Brandon (Knight) and Greg (Monroe) do a really good job of keeping me in tune."

Still it’s clear that he’s up for the challenge and grateful for the opportunity with the Pistons.

"I’m definitely a guy that can help spread the floor, give Brandon space to operate off screen and rolls and I really take pride in guarding people, so I like to ramp it up on the defensive end," he said. "This is perfect. A really good young core. I’m excited to be a Piston and excited to grow with these guys."