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Fake Jonathan Broxton Twitter Account Dupes Reds Media

Deadspin provides us with the requisite weekly reminder that most Twitter accounts of famous people are fake, as this time the Cincinnati media - specifically a local TV news station - included some incredibly stupid quotes from a Twitter account thought to be that of Jonathan Broxton, former Royals closer.

The story's been cleaned up since, but Deadspin grabbed a screenshot of the original (click here), with "quotes" from the account @Brox4AllStarz. Our favorite?

So many fans of RedTeam saying nice things 2 ol' Broxy. Broxy not nervous no more. SinseeTown is great. Gonna throw the ball hard for you guys.

With syntax and wit like that, this is less a cause of the dubious, devious Internet ruining good journalism, and more about one seriously lazy-ass reporter. Despite new attention, the fake Broxton account was still deliver witticisms Wednesday morning:

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