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London Olympics Medal Count: China Leads, USA In Second Place

The People's Republic of China is having the best showing of any country so far at the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Through Wednesday's contests, the Chinese lead both in gold medals and overall medal count.

China has captured 17 gold medals, which is five more than its closest competitor. Chinese athletes have also captured nine silver and four bronze medals, giving them a whopping 30 medals through August 1.

The United States of America isn't too far behind, however. American athletes have captured the second most gold medals with 12, and are only one behind China's overall count with 29. The Americans have brought home eight silver and nine bronze medals as well.

Japan is in third place, with 17 overall medals. The Japanese, however, only have two gold medals to boast thus far, but do have four silver and 11 bronze medals.

Germany and France are tied for fifth with 13 medals each. The French have captured five gold, three silver and five bronze, while the Germans have three gold, eight silver and two bronze medals thus far.

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