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Dwight Howard Trade: Lakers Favored To Win Western Conference Over Thunder

The NBA's Western Conference just shifted the balance of power yesterday, and if you decided to not check your basketball news then you might have missed the trade that rocked the league. Dwight Howard was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers in a four team trade that replaces Andrew Bynum with the now-former Orlando Magic star in a move that gives the Lakers another impact weapon in the post -- and another chance at an NBA title.

The Oklahoma City Thunder were the odds-on favorites to win the Western Conference in 2012-13, but that has now changed with the arrival of Howard. While the Thunder are still in the best long-term position to win on a continued level with Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and company, the Lakers now have made two major moves in the additions of Howard and point guard Steve Nash while being able to keep Pau Gasol next to Kobe Bryant. That has made Vegas respect the Lakers a bit more.

Here's the latest odds from

Updated NBA Odds [post Howard trade]
($100 wins . . . )
Heat +200
Lakers +300 (was +700 before the trade)
Thunder +400
Bulls +1200
Spurs +1200
Celtics +1800

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