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Greg Holland Has Adjusted Well To Closer Role For Kansas City Royals

The most likely trade candidate for the Kansas City Royals leading up to the MLB trade deadline was Jonathan Broxton and everyone knew it. Not only was he a sell-high free-agent-to-be, but the Royals also enjoy the luxury of a deep bullpen with other options to close out games. As it turns out, those premonitions were right and Broxton was dealt for two prospects to the Cincinnati Reds.

The reasons behind being able to safely trade away Broxton were also true given that new closer Greg Holland has adjusted well to the role. In fact, it was guessed by many that Holland could become the closer right after Joakim Soria's injury, but Broxton became the man instead.

"I'm just taking it as another inning," Holland said. "That's been my mentality, just go out there and approach the situation like you would in the seventh or eighth inning. It just happens to be the last three outs -- and the only way to really get into any extra trouble in the ninth inning is to think about it as the ninth inning."

"I feel like the more opportunities I get, the more chances we get at winning games," he continued. "That's the big part of it. We played really well three days in Chicago and I got two chances. So hopefully we get a couple more here in Baltimore."

Holland is 5-3 with a 3.35 ERA and 3 saves on the season.

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