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Kansas Basketball Team Enjoys Sights Of Paris On International Trip

While the Kansas Jayhawks are currently on a basketball exhibition trip to Europe, it's obvious that the guys aren't going to jump from game to game without enjoying the incredible opportunity before them to see the sights of the places they travel to. While on break after playing the Swiss national team, the Jayhawks took to Paris to enjoy their day off.

The players specifically loved the Eiffel Tower and their Twitter feeds were buzzing with the event.

"You don't realize how big Paris is until you're up here and you see everything," freshman Zach Peters said. "It's been awesome so far - a really awesome experience."

"I think there's so much to do, you've got to be here longer than four days," Peters added. "We're going to try to do as much as we can. I'm excited. I think this is a really cool city."

"You've got to be in (photos) to prove you were there and have those memories," Landen Lucas said. "I've definitely been taking a lot of pictures and videos for back home."

[From Landen Lucas]

[From Landen Lucas]