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Dwight Howard Trade Not Official Yet For Lakers-Magic

A Dwight Howard deal of some sort has been in the works for quite some time with so many different teams that at this point, most NBA fans are simply ready to see something done. It was believed that day finally came last night with the Los Angeles Lakers landing the Orlando Magic star in a four-team trade that nets several picks and players for the Magic and also gives Andrew Bynum to the Philadelphia 76ers among other moves. However even this deal might not be fully completed.

The response is likely bring a groan from basketball fans, but a notion like this typically means that there could be one smaller moving part involved. It's unlikely the entire deal falls apart. However, we are talking about Dwight Howard so perhaps the entire affair goes away. Or maybe David Stern is secretly meddling with this deal as well. The Oklahoma City Thunder certainly have to hope so since the Lakers became the odds on favorites to win the West the moment they acquired him.

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