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Aldon Smith Injury Update: Bruised Hip Should Be OK

The 49ers called Aldon Smith injury a bruised him after he was carted off the field on Friday night. There was no official diagnosis at the time, but head coach Jim Harbaugh seemed to think everything should be fine for the former Missouri Tigers star.

Even Smith himself gave the heads up that he should be fine, via Twitter. Check below the jump for Harbaugh's quote on his 22-year-old pass rusher.

"Still waiting," Harbaugh said. "Preliminary, looks like we'll be alright. Looks like we dodged a bullet there."

Dodged a bullet is right, because Smith is going to be essential to the 49ers defense this season and possibly beyond that. Of course, Smith's offseason has been somewhat tumultuous with him being arrested and stabbed on separate occasions, so this would have been a debilitating blow.

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