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Team USA Basketball Vs. Spain: Kevin Durant & Company Too Loaded To Lose Gold Medal

The final game is here which means Olympic glory will be made for either the national men's basketball team for the United States or Spain. For local NBA fans, it's the clash of the Oklahoma City Thunder with Serge Ibaka playing for Spain and James Harden, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook playing for Team USA basketball. It should be interesting to watch the gold medal game given the amount of talent, but in the end it shouldn't be a contest.

While Spain is more loaded that any other team that Team USA has faced, the U.S. simply has too much talent to be overtaken, even against a roster with Ibaka, the Gasol brothers, Jose Calderon and many other professional players. Matt Moore of CBS writes:

Spain can bring their best game, and keep this close. They can pressue Team USA and ride a wave of emotion to the very edge of the top of the podium. And then Team USA will close the door, because they not only have the more talented team, the stronger, faster, more athletic team, but they have a better team, if the play we've seen throughout this tournament is any indication. There's always an element of fear in a one-off elimination game. But no one's caught the U.S. napping yet, and it's hard to see that in Coach K's last game, with the medal on the line, that Team USA will allow itself to be embarrassed.

It's that controlled passion that should allow Team USA to grab another gold medal.

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