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Detroit Lions Sign Former Chiefs DB Reshard Langford

While the Kansas City Chiefs moved on from Reshard Langford in their search for depth at the defensive back position, the good news for Langford fans is that he's found a new home with the Detroit Lions in training camp after head coach Jim Schwartz was none too pleased with his team's early effort in the preseason.

"Let's be clear," Schwartz said. "Preseason games, we don't use them as a barometer, and they don't count, but you want to play well. Win or lose, you want to play well, and I don't think we played well. I don't we played well on offense, defense, special teams. From the beginning to the very end, we had a chance. Even though we weren't playing real well, we made a couple of plays, had the lead, and had a chance to put a team away. There's something be said for that in a preseason game and in accomplishing that.

"There's a lot of different things that go on. You're playing starters at different times; different guys are going in the game, and everything else. Let's not read too much into wins or loses. Win or lose, we want to play well. We want to respond in certain situations, and we didn't do that (last night)."

Langford made the Chiefs roster from 2009-11 but was not retained as a free agent this offseason. He started two games last season for an injury depleted Chiefs secondary and had 11 total tackles.