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Royals Prospect Kyle Zimmer Flashing First Round Potential In Minors

The Kansas City Royals could use a major dose of development among the team's pitching prospects as the 2012 season winds down, and that's exactly what they're getting from the team's recent first round choice Kyle Zimmer of the San Francisco Dons.

Zimmer was the No. 5 choice overall in the draft and came with a polished resume and solid make-up. Zimmer has started well in the minors so far, and it's a good thing that he could start so early for the Royals given the MLB slot system. Instead of a long holdout like Bubba Starling last summer, Zimmer has already gotten 7 starts underneath his belt, including a recent outing on Friday night with 10 strikeouts in 6-plus innings.

"Yeah, I think that was [my best pro start]," Zimmer said. "I think my command of all my pitches was there, I was hitting spots and getting ahead of guys. I was attacking early with the fastball, keeping it down in the zone and getting ahead with that. Then my off-speed stuff -- my curve, changeup and slider -- were all also working. I felt good. It was a good night."

Zimmer says he's adjusting to life in the pros, but it's clear he's learning quickly.

"I think it always takes a little bit when you go to a new place, to settle in and fall into that routine. You sort of get that going after you've been there a little bit, and it's been a good adjustment here," he added. It's a little different at first, but everybody in this organization has been great. It's a lot of fun and I'm glad to be here."