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Frank Haith Pulls Missouri Tigers Off Dutch Court In Exhibition Play

After watching a freshman player take an unnecessary elbow to the head without it getting called as a foul, Frank Haith decided to pull his Missouri Tigers basketball team off of the floor against a Dutch club team in exhibition play while touring overseas. After the game, Haith said that he was concerned about player safety and overreacted in the moment -- one that led to him being ejected for arguing the call.

"In my mind I was just fearful for the safety of our players, but in retrospect I wish I had let our team play it out and learn from the adversity," Haith said. "I take complete responsibility. This is a learning experience for us all."

The emotions were obviously subsided after the fact as Haith spoke glowingly of the Dutch and the overall experience.

"This in no way reflects how the Dutch team played tonight," Haith added. "They are a great team and for us to be up 25 at the half, we were obviously playing well. I had a split second to make a decision and I chose to err on the side of caution."

The team has two games in Belgium this week.