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MLB Standings Update: Royals Tied For Fourth With Twins In A.L. Central

The Kansas City Royals went 4-3 this past week while the Minnesota Twins went 2-4, and that difference allowed the Royals to move into a tie with the Twins for fourth place in the American League Central. As for the A.L. Central title race, the Twins are 13.5 games back of division leading Chicago White Sox with the only challenger being the Detroit Tigers who are only two games back of the White Sox.

The Royals are creeping up on the Cleveland Indians and are only 3.5 games back of them for third place. The next series will be at home for the Royals when they take on the Oakland Athletics.

AL Central Standings

Chicago 62 51 .548 0 Won 1
Detroit 61 54 .530 2 Lost 2
Cleveland 53 62 .460 10 Lost 1
Kansas City 49 65 .429 13.5 Lost 1
Minnesota 49 65 .429 13.5 Lost 4

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