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Kansas State Basketball: Brazil Trip Gives Wildcats Chance To Grow, Win Together

Kansas State has a lot of transition ahead as the men's basketball program seeks to move on from the loss of head coach Frank Martin to South Carolina. The adjustment to first year head coach Bruce Weber is going to take some time, which makes a trip like the one the Wildcats are on to play a string of games in Brazil a good move for the sake of team unity, chemistry and adjusting to life together before the season begins.

So far, so good for the Wildcats. The team is performing well with nothing but victories so far over a top-tier national team as well as lower-tier club teams.

"We knew today that the competition was not going to be the strongest, so we wanted to play as many guys as possible," said Weber. "The best part of today was the guys survived a real tough turnaround. We didn't get back to our hotel until late on Saturday then we had to get up early this morning to get started to Rio. We started out pretty good again then we lost our concentration in the second and third quarter, but Jordan (Henriquez) made some big plays down the stretch to help us pull out the win."

Henriquez scored 13 points for a 59-46 victory over Pindamonhangaba club. The team continues it's drive on to Rio de Janeiro for several more games this week.

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