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Kevin Durant Not Concerned About Lakers Moves For Dwight Howard, Steve Nash

It doesn't appear that Kevin Durant is too worried about the Los Angeles Lakers and their recent acquisition of Dwight Howard. In usual KD style, the Oklahoma City Thunder star told the Los Angeles Times that the Lakers management did as they always do.

And Durant is still confident that his team will be right there with the new-look Lakers.

"You never know (what can happen), but we feel confident about ourselves," Durant told the paper. "The Lakers, we always respect them. We always have battles with them. I'm sure it's going to be even more fun this upcoming season when we play against those guys."

OKC teammate James Harden was also vocal about the Thunder still being in the conversation. As the hype builds around Los Angeles after the Lakers pulled just the right strings to swap for Steve Nash and Howard, Harden said Oklahoma City is still the team to beat in the Western Conference.

The Lakers front office, however, didn't escape compliment from the two Thunder players.

Both credited the management and the big market for giving Los Angeles the ability to make such stunning acquisitions. Still Durant and Harden weren't shy about adding that it takes nothing away from his team, last year's Western Conference Champions.

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