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Brandon Flowers Injury Update: Chiefs CB Likely Out Against Rams

Brandon Flowers continues to miss time with the Kansas City Chiefs in training camp and it's becoming increasingly likely that he will miss his second straight preseason game for the team against the St. Louis Rams coming up this weekend.

Crennel addressed Flowers' injury with opening remarks during today's walk-through at training camp, but gave more details in the follow up Q&A with the local media. Crennel said it was likely that Flowers would be out if he can't get on the field in practice.

"Well if he doesn't do anything today - which I don't think he's going to do anything today - and probably tomorrow if he doesn't do anything then you can probably rule him out," said Crennel. "Because if you don't practice it's hard to put you into the game because I think at that time we might be exposing him to more injury risk. So if you don't practice it's hard to play you."

The lack of practice has him out of game-ready conditions, so missing the game is not a punishment of any kind according to Crennel.

"Any time you're not able to practice your timing, your recognition of routes; your conditioning is not what it needs to be," said Crennel. "We'd like to get him out there so those things can get into game shape because that's what we need him to be, we need him to be in game shape because when that first game comes, they don't care about any problems you might have had or anything like that, if you're on the field you're expected to produce. So we've got to get him on the field and get him sharp so that he can perform at a high level."