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Madden '13 Ratings: Dwayne Bowe Outside Of Top Receivers

When it comes to the upcoming release of Madden '13, fans of each team in the NFL are gearing up to play as their favorite players and hoping that some decent ratings come with it so the game is not impossible. While the Jacksonville Jaguars might be out of luck, the Chiefs can hope for some great ratings for its impact players and Dwayne Bowe will definitely be the top rated receiver on the team. Unfortunately he's not top 10 material for the NFL.

Instead the top honor belongs to Calvin Johnson, otherwise known as Megatron, and the man who is undoubtedly the best wide receiver in the NFL. As EA Sports recently released the top tight ends and wideouts, there was no Chiefs player who made the list. Perhaps that will one day change with another dominant year from Bowe or the maturation of Jon Baldwin, but for now it's not happening.

Interestingly enough, Rob Gronkowski also made the list at No. 2 overall with a 97 overall rating.