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Melky Cabrera Reportedly Suspended 50 Games By MLB

Melky Cabrera is reportedly going to receive a suspension of 50 games from Major League Baseball, and the San Francisco Giants line-up just took a major hit if that is the case. Cabrera was an All-Star this season in his first year with the Giants, and now many Kansas City Royals fans can breathe a bit easier wondering how that trade involving Jon Sanchez was so lopsided.

From a journeyman outfielder with the Yanks and Braves and Royals to leading the majors in hits, Cabrera's career has taken a strange upturn in the last two seasons. Yet he's also been heralded for his potential in the past and he's coming into his prime years. Thus it's not surprising that no one sounded the alarm before now.

No further details are known, but it's certainly interesting to Royals fans who find out a bit more about Melky's career resurgence.