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Brandon Flowers Injury Update: Chiefs Continue Practice Without Best Cornerback

The Kansas City Chiefs continue to practice without their top cornerback Brandon Flowers and it's becoming increasingly likely that he will miss yet another preseason game this weekend against the St. Louis Rams. Head coach Romeo Crennel spoke again today about Flowers missing further practice time.

"[Brandon] Flowers is still working to try to improve," said Crennel. "We're doing everything we can to evaluate him, look at him and help him try to get back on the field. He's working and doing everything we ask of him to try to get back, but he's just not back yet. So, when he gets better, we'll put him back out there, but it's not where it needs to be with him."

Crennel also failed to give any kind of timeline on Flowers' injury since it's impossible to tell at this point the day-to-day nature of it.

"You never know with any injury what it takes," said Crennel. "Everybody heals differently. All we can do, all I can do, is talk to my trainer who consults with the doctors and then try to find out what they know, what they think, and then they let me know. It's always when he's ready because I don't know his body.

"He knows his body better than I do. He knows whether he's hurt or not or what he's capable of. Every injury is different. I want all injuries to get back as quickly as possible. There is no way for me to know how long an injury might take."

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