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VIDEO: James Harden, Russell Westbrook Showcase The Replaceable Beard In Foot Locker Ad

At this point it's common knowledge that James Harden's beard holds magical properties (except in the Finals). It produces whistles from thin air, makes what would be annoying fans look completely lovable, has its own Twitter account and Facebook page and transforms the NBA star into a building.

Just don't get mustard on it, as teammate and apparent party-accompanying bro Russell Westbrook learned in this new Foot Locker ad.

Apart from confirmation that Westbrook is a complete jerk, this ad proves three things:

1) Fear that beard, man. There's plenty of them.

2) Oklahoma City holds house parties that are simultaneously swanky enough to host millionaire NBA players and casual enough that you can just show up wearing your gym clothes.

3) It's impossible to hate the Thunder.

Hopefully for everyone's sake Westbrook apologizes, because the Thunder are probably the one team that can stop the world from grudgingly congratulating Dwight Howard on his first NBA title.

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