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Dwayne Bowe Signs Day After Chiefs Training Camp Ends

Despite the historical reluctance of some players to gladly sign a franchise tag, Dwayne Bowe's decision to hold out and miss a good portion of the preseason was met with frustration and confusion by many when he didn't show up for training camp. Now Bowe has signed the franchise tag, the day after camp ended for the Chiefs.

The Chiefs are making a big transition this season, with a new offensive coordinator in Brian Daboll and a new offensive system that Bowe would have to learn and become accustomed to. Yet it seems clear now that perhaps missing camp was exactly Bowe was planning, especially since three preseason games remain in which Bowe can learn the new offense.

Which is why Joel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride feels that timing of this signing is not mere coincidence.

I don't think it's a coincidence that he signs on the day after training camp ends. Bowe made his point, that he's willing to sit out some time in order to exert the only source of leverage he has, but that's all he could do. At some point, staying away from the team would end up hurting him in the 2012 season, which would then hurt his ability to negotiate a longterm deal next year. It's debatable whether he's reached that point staying out as long as he did.

Bowe made it clear in May that he wanted to be at camp, so it seems something changed between then and now. Whatever the reasoning, Bowe has signed his franchise tag and has plenty of time remaining to learn Daboll's offensive system.

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