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Source: Serge Ibaka, Oklahoma City Thunder Agree To 4-Year Contract Extension

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports tweeted early Saturday morning that the Oklahoma City Thunder have come to an agreement with Serge Ibaka on a four-year contract extension to stay with the defending Western Conference champions.

Things are about to get interesting for general manager Sam Presti and the Thunder brass, and this is just the opening silo.

First off, kudos to Wojnarowski for putting out a beast of a tweet at 2:20 AM Eastern Time. Most people are either keeping their sanity by being in bed or by celebrating their work week coming to an end.

Secondly, until we hear on the amount of the offer for Ibaka and what the true intent is of the Thunder management, this does not provide any resolution to the James Harden pending free agency shenanigans that will take place once the season starts.

Could the Thunder spend above the luxury tax threshold and keep Harden at all costs? Certainly.

Could the Thunder consider amnestying a player (cranes neck at Kendrick Perkins) and clear additional room for Harden? Of course.

Could the Thunder be holding all their cards to the vest and not allowing any of us to see what the next move will likely be? I'm positive of this one.

Right now, Thunder fans have to be happy that a deserving defensive player of the year candidate and young player still learning how to be great is on our side. Its a great feeling, and now is the time to appreciate what you do have, not what you might lose. We're not even close to crossing that bridge yet.

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